Adam Carolla on Jenny McCarthy

Thanks to my friend Dominick for sending this my way

“The worst of the worst is Jenny McCarthy and her crusade against vaccines.  I feel bad that her kid has autism but her quest is a dangerous mix of denial,  self-entitlement, and having a megaphone. She can’t handle the idea that some  random piece of shitty fate struck her. Not her! That’s for poor people in  another part of the world. There must be an answer! A cause. So she hops on the  Internet, finds some bullshit, spouts it as fact, and convinces a large segment  of mothers—mostly fellow paranoid white ones with too much money and not enough  problems—that vaccinations cause autism. Meanwhile a generation of kids will get tuberculosis, measles, meningitis, etc.  Why did anyone listen to her? She won  Playmate of the Year, not a Nobel Prize. Could you get any farther away from a  lab than the Playboy Mansion? I don’t think there’s a ton of Bunsen burners in  there and it’s certainly not sterile. Unless you’re researching syphilis, the  Grotto is not exactly the lab at Pfizer.”    – Adam Carolla  

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