Quasi – Sea Shanty

  • Sea Shanty

Repair the hull, replace the sails.
The monkey wrestles with the ghost
And a thousand pleasures form a thin veneer
Over lack of hope.
The captain was rightly murdered by the crew
But now they don’t know what to do –
Drifting on the murky Sargasso of the everyday.
Work and slave and skimp and save
And you can buy yourself a bigger cave
And a thousand little cruelties we agree to pretend to ignore.
The ghost has got the monkey by the tail
And all they both can do is wail.
And you and I go drifting by the abandoned vessels of he everyday.

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Heros by David Bowie

David BowieI was driving somewhere with my son (Alex) who was four at the time. Heroes came on my ipod and i hit replay once it was over. Alex asked me, “Dad why do you like this song?” And I told him that it reminded me of friends I lost touch with and made me think of times in the past when I acted differently than I did now. He didn’t say anything for a bit then told me “That’s not what this song means to me at all”.

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