May 2012

Weird Tales - The Robot God

Robbie 1

Hoover Dam by Sugar

On a carousel I can never tell
My direction home
Spinning down a hole
I'm losing all control
I'm down to the center of the earth

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Gort Silhouette

Robot Cop

I need peace

Close your eyes
Or you'll have a lot of tears to cry
So hey now if you're wise
You won't open up your eyes
Close your ears
'cause you don't really want to hear
the things that give you tears
so don't open up your ears
and if you sleep
well, you better not go too deep
'cause bad things they will seep
right down into your sleep
and if you wake
well, you're gonna have a nervous break
so sleep now for goodness' sake
sleep for goodness' sake
I need peace
I get so down
I've got these

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I might be a mean person

Everytime something bad happens to this character on Game of Thrones I feel a little happy inside.

Happy Mission Accomplished day

In honor of the anniversary of the day when George W. Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" you're allowed to take one thing you've been meaning to get done and blow it off.  For my Mission Accomplished day celebration I'm going to completely drop the ball on re-grouting my bathtub.