A million dollar idea, yours free!

I've got an idea that is so simple and genius your first thought when I share it with you will be "Why didn't I think of that?".  Your next thought will be "he's just giving this idea away?!?".  Before I get into the idea itself I feel I need to explain the motivation behind my generosity.  For years I’ve been giving the people of  NABISCO my money and they’ve given me OREOs, personally I feel I’ve made out pretty good on this arrangement but it’s time to give them something more than my money.   I’m giving this idea away for free on the internet in the hope that much like the baby Moses was sent down the river to be discovered and saved I’m floating my idea out for the world to see in the hope that someone somewhere will take my idea to the good people at NABISCO.

The Idea!

Get rid of the cookie part and sell the cream filling in tubes (similar to toothpaste).

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